"1 hour build" from cardboard to foam???? space shuttle Challenger!!!!!!

Adam Buildtip

Junior Member
today I would like to know if you want to see my cardboard space shuttle to be converted to foam and make it fly!
please leave a comment if you want to see it fly :) or rate this article.

See my full build of the Challenger here : http://flitetest.com/articles/cardboard-discovery-space-shuttle
I want to continue this new serie so pleasa do not be shy and give som advice for some new project

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Flyer Of Many Things
When I first saw this I was like okay, cool, but let us see... Then I was like whoa, this guy knows waht he is doimg and then some. You may want to give a little more about the structure of it, but other than that, it is beautiful.

(My english teacher would hate that grammar and run on sentence);)