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Space Shuttle Glider 14.5 x 19 in


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So I got bored last week and one of my friends is completely obsessed with the Space Shuttle (who isn't?) so I took a stab at designing a version which can be dropped from a quadcopter and glided down. I built it the next day and it was a success. It is controllable and glides somewhat well. I used two servos for elevons, and one servo for the tow release. I plan on using this as a testbed, and I will likely make changes, I"m thinking of shrinking it down and putting it on a rocket. Or using it as is for FPV gliding. I'd like to be able to make some skins, to give myself a fleet of Shuttles.




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Looks good, and like a nice simple build. There's something funny about a space shuttle glider that glides well, as by all accounts the real thing glided about as well as a helicopter.


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Very nice! I was bummed when NASA cancelled the Shuttle project but I guess rockets are safer. Mock payload bay doors, huh... plan on releasing some satellites? :D

Have you seen Daniel Riley's RC Shuttle videos?



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Yes! I love Daniel Riley's videos, they're part of what inspired me to make the shuttle, I just wanted mine to be a scale replica, I haven't messed with the wing area or parameters yet. My shuttle doors are for ease of access and not much else haha

I'm not sure on the glide ratio yet, I'll wait until my friend gets an altimeter on his quad.

As for attaching it to a rocket, the Estes Manta II has a small glider that attaches to the rocket via a small hook which connects to an eye hook protruding from the rocket, and I believe a scaled down version of my shuttle would work in much the same manner.