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spektrum dxe

  1. R

    ESC beeping problem

    I got the tiny trainer speed build kit last week. I got everything from the FT starter bundle (So I'm using the Power Pack A, a Tattu 2 cell battery, and the Spektrum DXe Transmitter). Every time I move the throttle a little the ESC beeps at me and the motor jitters a bit. I believe that I...
  2. PixelDani

    Help! BeeBrain V2 + Spektrum DxE

    Hello FliteTest Community, i have big problems in programming my transmitter or the FC: DXE: Newest Software update and new model with reversed aileron and rudder channel (in Betaflight i have the right output = the drone moves in the right direction) BeeBrain V2: Newest Betaflight (apple...
  3. C

    Offer For Sale - DX6 and DXe + Receivers

    Overwhelming preference is local pickup/delivery in Chicago/Milwaukee area. No parting out. $250 for the package: Spektrum DX6 Spektrum DXe Programming cable for DXe Spektrum AR610 6-channel receiver Spektrum AR410 4-channel receiver 2 x KS Servo 4-channel Spektrum-compatible receivers...
  4. C

    For Sale - Motors/Servos/Batteries/ESCs/Charger

    Selling my RC Equipment--please also see my related post in the receiver/transmitter section. $200 plus shipping. Selling as a complete package--no parting out. Overwhelming preference is local pickup in Chicago/Milwaukee areas. Package includes: Emax GT2215/09 (Power Pack C Motor) - Used...
  5. ShrimpRex

    Solved Receiver compatibility

    So I am thinking of building an FT Bushwacker, but I lack the receiver (among other things). The transmitter I use is a Spektrum DXe. I found a Spektrum AR400 4-ch reciever on eBay for ~30$ which I though was quite expensive. My friend later pointed out a 7-ch 3rd party receiver on gearbest for...
  6. P

    Spektrum Dxe Programming Connection Problems

    I have the spektrum dxe transmitter and I am attempting to program via SamsungGalaxy S7(android app). I have the cable for the audio port but I am not able connect/transfer the settings from the transmitter to the phone to get started. Has anyone had an luck with the android app and dxe...