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I got the tiny trainer speed build kit last week. I got everything from the FT starter bundle (So I'm using the Power Pack A, a Tattu 2 cell battery, and the Spektrum DXe Transmitter).

Every time I move the throttle a little the ESC beeps at me and the motor jitters a bit. I believe that I have everything bound correctly. The servos work fine. I saw somewhere that you need to calibrate the ESC to the transmitter or something like that, and I watched FT's video on that, but I can't get it to work. Again, I just get a lot of beeps from the ESC every time I mess with the throttle.

Any thoughts? I am brand new to the hobby and know, well, basically nothing except what I've learned from Flite Test's videos.


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The esc is trying to enter programming mode. I have no idea what ESC’s FT use, all of them are different. Contact the store customer service and get a replacement or get them to tell you how to reset it. It’s a common problem but without plugging it in to programming software or knowing exactly the make and model of esc to get the right sequence it usually proves hard to fix remotely via internet text.
Replacement will be faster than fixing it.
Whilst you are waiting you can set up all the control surface movement so you have low and high rates on a switch and get some expo in there too. The DXE does that by app.


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To calibrate ESC plug in plane set throttle to high turn on transmitter wait for the motor to beep once it beeps then lower throttle and it should go into some more beeps then work.

How did you mount the motor did you use an X mount or put screws in from the backside if from the backside you may have a screw that is too long and getting into the motor windings.
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I agree with the others.
Be sure to remove the prop. You do not want the prop to start spinning unexpectedly.
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