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  1. marktbaldridge

    Naze32 Rev 6 Full NO RECEIVER INPUT!

    Greetings all! My electrohub spider quad was flying nicely with a KK2.1, but I decided to upgrade it to a Naze32. I bought it from here: because I could get a full mag, baro, sonar version, and it was a pretty good deal. http://www.ebay.com/itm/141943462470 Here's my issue, I am not getting...
  2. L

    FT Electrohub Spiderquad Maiden Problems.

    Hey FT. I've recently completed my first ever multirotor build with the Electrohub kit and Powerpack from the store. The parts are as follows: FT Electrohub frame. Emax 2213-935 kv. motors. Naze32 v6 flight controller. BL Heli 20 Amp ESC. FPV Rail - Long version DJI style landing gear. AR610...
  3. Spooky II

    *Help* My controls are switched

    I have the turnigy 9x with kk 2.1.5 board and the rudder control on my spiderquad is swiched with the aileron control so the rudder does what the ailerons job and aileron does the rudders could the problem be that I wired my recever to the board wrong by only pluging in the signal wire only...
  4. G

    Electrohub build Problems

    Hello people of the forums, this is my first time here so i hope you can help my noobieness. I have been building an Electrohub Spiderquad and have been having some problems. I have everything setup, everything plugged in and soldered, i have triple checked. Bound the transmitter and the...