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    3D Printed POWERUP 3.0 Plane Weird Flight Characteristics (First Post)

    Hi. I'm new to the Flite Test forums but I've been in a few others before so I have some experience. This post is about a video I made on my YouTube channel here: I'd like to talk about some weird flight characteristics I experienced with this plane. When I first threw the plane it would...
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    Delta Ray doing completely weird: 1 motor starts spinning but nothing else functions?

    Hello there, A friend of mine recently got his first plane: the Delta Ray. We fly together whenever we can, but a few days ago something weird happened. After a regular landing, my friend picked up his plane, and when he turned on his transmitter (he had turned it off after he landed), 1 motor...
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    My tricopter has the spins

    Can anyone help, I recently got a tricopter frame, built it up added some old motors and 30am escs. The frame came with a nice metal rutter. I purchased a metal servo. Put it all together dialed it in no problem. BUT now when I give it throttle to lift the servo tilts without input. I have...
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    multi tilt multicopter

    can you build a multicopter with tilt motor mounts on all arms? has anyone done this? if so please post details bellow as i am very intrigued, also if you did this could you make the arms like helicopter blades (but without the aerofoil) and have a constant throttle setting and control altitude...