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multi tilt multicopter

can you build a multicopter with tilt motor mounts on all arms? has anyone done this? if so please post details bellow as i am very intrigued, also if you did this could you make the arms like helicopter blades (but without the aerofoil) and have a constant throttle setting and control altitude by spinning the aircraft causing the blade arms to generate posative or negative lift dependant on the direction spun? just wondering if it has been done for the multiple tilt mounts part and my mind wondered, i would now rather like to see this but I'm more a fixed wing man (a self proclaimed multicopter virgin) myself so would someone give it a go please and post the results?


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
There are no control boards that currently have this functionality that I know of. There is a guy who has built one with 4 variable pitch rotors. That thing really goes, upside down or rightside up.

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