1. J

    Just Started

    Hello, I'm Jamie, and I live in the southern area of the United Kingdom. :) I am currently very interested in Rc aircraft and am trying my hardest to get started. The reason I find the subject of Rc flight interesting is because I want to become a pilot. I enjoy watching Flite Test videos and...
  2. Zaring

    Did I get Duped? I recently started trying to get back into this hobby. I had a couple of RTF's and enjoyed them right up until I crashed them. I got scared of repairing and quit. Everything that I had is gone, so I started from scratch again. I decided that I wanted to build a...
  3. A

    Problem with Multiwii Quadcopter

    Hi everydbody, New on the forum, and French, I apologize for my poor english :p . I build last days a Quadcopter based on 4 800kv brushless, HK 40A SS ESCs, and a MultiWii Pro card, with Gps. After ESC individual configuration (with Rc throttle), and right Multiwii programmation with...
  4. N

    Whats the best and cheapest rc plane for me to start with

    Ok i have been watching ALOT of flight test and i really want to start flying. ( i already have a rc truck but i think flying will be something new) i saw some of the swapables and i was wondering if that would be a cheap easy and durable first flyer for me to start with