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  1. James Y

    Is my Modified Supercub in Danger?

    I have recently modified my Supercub Lp to great success. I took the center dihedral section out of the wings, added ailerons (8” long with 2x HXT 9gr servo) and did a brushless conversion with a Turnigy Park 1020kv 480, HK 30A ESC, running off a 2200mah 3cell driving a Turnigy wooden 10x7 prop...
  2. J

    SuperCub Stock Receiver Using 5th Channel

    So I bought the SuperCub as my trainer to learn to fly. I have the DX4e transmitter that came with it. I know the supercub stock receiver can handle ailerons (I'll be adding these once I master 3 channel flying), but without getting a new receiver can the stock receiver be used to also control...
  3. Krad

    Scratch Built Skis

    This may not be what we usually see around here, but it's a bit of scratch building I did recently. So, winter is upon us. Around me that means snow. Snow to get wheels stuck in, be it your car or your RC airplane. They sell floats for the Hobbyzone Super Cub so I went down to the local RC...
  4. themajik1

    New/Used Hobbyzone Supercub

    So I was looking on Craigslist and found a Hobbyzone Super Cub for $35.00. Thought about the Parkzone P51 I crashed into a tree trying a low pass over the trees (Didn't make it!) and thought wow, brushless upgrade! So I have installed all the electronics out of the P51 into the Cub. I just...