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Scratch Built Skis


Junior Member
This may not be what we usually see around here, but it's a bit of scratch building I did recently.

So, winter is upon us. Around me that means snow. Snow to get wheels stuck in, be it your car or your RC airplane. They sell floats for the Hobbyzone Super Cub so I went down to the local RC shop to pick up a set of those and a new prop. They didn't have any floats in stock, so I bought the prop and went out to fly a bit. Landing in the snow with wheels does not work out too well and so when I got home I set out to make some skis for my plane. I grabbed some of my plasticard and plastiweld and went to work! And so, here are the results, some scratch built RC airplane skis. :D


Here's one of them on the plane:


We shall see how they work out... Right now the wind is really up, but hopefully in the next few days I will get out to the park and try these things out!


Junior Member
The snow's been frozen up a bit here. If I have to I will glue a wider piece of card to the bottom of these. Just gotta get out there and test em!


Junior Member
Yup, so the skis were indeed too narrow and coupled with soft melting snow they did not work. Had to hand launch for a short flight today in high winds. Landing was not terrible but the skis went right into the snow.