SuperCub Stock Receiver Using 5th Channel


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So I bought the SuperCub as my trainer to learn to fly. I have the DX4e transmitter that came with it. I know the supercub stock receiver can handle ailerons (I'll be adding these once I master 3 channel flying), but without getting a new receiver can the stock receiver be used to also control flaps?

I see that the ACT function is not a regular 3 prong adapter, but a series of four adapters: 2 for the top ACT camera and 2 for the bottom ACT camera.

Anyone have any suggestions or do I need to get a proper 5 channel DSMX receiver?

Thanks all.



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I have the same setup as you. I think you would be able to do this but you would need a splitter so that both servos can be plugged into the 5th Channel. Cheap enough to buy. But if all else fails you can get orange receivers from hobbyking which work on the dx4e and are also cheap.
Hope this helps.
Happy flying.