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  1. S

    Propellers spin then the drone cuts out

    Hi All, I'm a noob to quadcopters/drones and dont really know where to start when problem solving. I have a Syma X5SW-1 and have managed just one flight. The day after this success i powered it up again pushed the accelerater forward to find the propellers would spin for about a second then the...
  2. C

    Question regarding Syma X5C versions - I'm stuck!

    Hi! I have had three Syma X5C's. One is different from the others and I'd like to figure out which is the 'upgraded' version, plus maybe you can help me with an issue. Here goes, thank you: Symas #1 and #2: Matte finished/brushed body, more flexible plastic. White. Markings love to rub off. No...
  3. davereap

    Please review and try the Syma x5c quad

    Ive bought a variety of small quads from nano to micro to 180 size for the purpose of learning.. And whilst they all fly quite well, some are definitely easier than others... At our indoor club one quad has been gaining popularity.. The Syma x5c numbers were going up whist the heli fliers...
  4. T

    X5C-1 Motor Performance - Related to Battery?

    Hi, I'm new to FliteTest forums, I joined regarding my X5C-1. So today I noticed I am having to push the throttle far too much just to get it about 6 feet off the ground, today I ALSO noticed that my stock 500 MAH battery took very long to charge. So my question is, does battery strenght have...
  5. B

    2nd Quad

    Hey, on here some time ago I was told to get the Syma X1 for my first quad to learn how to fly and get the hang of things. I'm really enjoying this, and would like to start to be able to use a camera now for areal photography and video. I don't have any experience building, and don't want to...