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Please review and try the Syma x5c quad

Ive bought a variety of small quads from nano to micro to 180 size for the purpose of learning..
And whilst they all fly quite well, some are definitely easier than others...
At our indoor club one quad has been gaining popularity..
The Syma x5c numbers were going up whist the heli fliers numbers were diminishing ..

So I treated myself... Bangood EU had a special offer at £28 .. a more normal price being about £35

Yes its the best easy flier of the lot... its a 180 size.. all I can say is its easy... It has a great stable hover, easy orientation with its LED s ... and I was soon doing circuits and figure 8's instead of going off course..

From speaking to our other fliers it is robust enough , nobody has broken anything and all are working well...
and its obviously well liked....

online some say the range is low, 150M, and have made mods to get more distance, 300M..
personally at 100M its getting small enough so I tend to fly closer...

This one is worth a try... as it comes they have an onboard HD cam... and there is a 5.8 FPV unit that fits for another £18..
I now have one on order...lol..