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    My Motors Don't Spin in Sync When I Throttle up

    Hi Guys, I'm having a problem with my motors where they don't spin up at the same time and don't spin in sync either. I'm have the RTF JJRC JJPRO P200 Quad and it has EMAX 20A Lighning ESCs and a EMAX Skyline 32 fc. I flashed the ESCs and FC with the most recent firmware and calibrated the...
  2. C

    Show on the omnipresent issue: MOTOR SYNC PROBLEMS

    Hi there, I would love to see a show that deals with the omnipresent issue of Motor/ESC Timing Problems. A lot of People experience These Problems with either SimonK or BLHeli flashed ESCs in conjunction with either high KV racer or big low KV pancake motors. There is no good source on the...
  3. S

    Hovership 3dFly & Spektrum Tx

    Hi All, I just got my first drone kit, a 3d Fly Hovership kit with Spektrum DX5e transmitter. I can't seem to get the Transmitter synced with the Receiver, anyone have have any advice? The kit comes with a lemon RX, and everything is supposed to be pre-programmed out of the box. The lemon...
  4. D

    Newbie Needing Some Serious Help - MOTORS WON'T SYNC

    :applause:Hey All, So i'm a complete newbie to this site and the whole quadcopter hobby, it's been quite the experience so far!!. After tons of research and Youtube Videos I thought I could build my very first FPV250 quadcopter without any hassles - but of course nothing goes smoothly ;). After...