Show on the omnipresent issue: MOTOR SYNC PROBLEMS


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Hi there,

I would love to see a show that deals with the omnipresent issue of Motor/ESC Timing Problems. A lot of People experience These Problems with either SimonK or BLHeli flashed ESCs in conjunction with either high KV racer or big low KV pancake motors.

There is no good source on the Internet yet that explains why those issues arise and how one can identify them and prevent them from happenng.

You could adress the following qustions:
- What is the cause of Motor sync Problems (theory behind it)
- Where and under what circumstances do These Problems frequently Pop up?
- Is there a way to test Motor/esc matching efficiently before flight?
- What is this "Motor Timing" Setting?
- How can one prevent These bad things from Happening?

Looking Forward for a Show on this Topic! It would help a lot of People in the Hobby

Best regards