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  1. fluffpilot

    E Flite Apprentice replacement tailfeather fabrication

    Spent last night setting my Apprentice S 15 up on my DX6e transmitter, got it all working properly and ready to go, got hyped to leave. Packed the car and then spent the morning working on someone else's car instead of flying. Finally went out to the airfield this afternoon to try out my new...
  2. Maingear

    Kraken Tail Wheel(s)

    I joined the local flying field (north of Memphis TN). I want to taxi onto the airfield and from the landing spot on the runway to the taxiway. I can't seem to turn while I taxi without spinning out. Asphalt, no way. Taking off and landing roll is great in the original configuration as long as...
  3. Mastrmindz

    RTF Flip 1.5 Tail Not Moving on My Tricopter

    Hey everyone. I just got the Flip 1.5 board from RTF quads. I got it for my tricopter rotorbones and ordered it flashed for a tricopter. I have it hooked up, the motors work; but the tail servo does not move when I give rudder. When I initially turn on the tricopter, the tail servo moves...
  4. D

    Free Tricopter Tail mount for Beta Testing - First 3 that qalify get them.

    I am working on a new design and I would like some help testing if anyone is interested. UPDATE: First round of testers chosen. Check back here for updates. Requirements: - you live in the USA because I am paying postage. If you want to pay postage you can live anywhere ;) - you use motors...