1. S

    What kind of tape is this?

    Hello All, Hobby Zone Carbon Cub S2, crashed it, and am now putting it back together. The aileron servos are in a recess, and held in by a sort of stiffish tape that is very sticky. Any opinions on what type of tape this is? Does it matter? If it were you, what would you use? It has to stick...
  2. Q

    Glue vs Tape on Wing Crack

    Plane: Sport Cub S by Horizion Hobby Material: Styrofoam I've very new to the hobby of RC aircraft and I'm not sure whether I should repair a wing crack with glue or tape. I'm pretty sure that tape would be the best option considering the crack is fairly minor, but I want to make sure. I...
  3. R

    What kind of equipment do you use for building?

    I would like to see a Builders Tip show or a webpage showing us what kind and brand of equipment you use in your builds. I finally saw Josh show us the glue gun he was using. But what about a cordless glue gun, glue sticks, foam tape, etc. Other building supplies and tools. Promote the tools and...
  4. Hamdhan


    Hi guys, I have been using cellophane tape for my fomies but it aint doing much good, which tape sticks best on foam? Where can I get it? (any online sites selling it with international shipping?)