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  2. S

    Feedback Request! Failed Test flight.

    Hello! I have a team at school that competes in an aero design competition every year. This year our aircraft had some trouble as once it was off the ground it yawed hard and crashed. I would love any feedback as to why the plane reacted as it did. If you have any questions please let me know...
  3. M

    Weird sound from a scorpion sii 4035 motor

    We are testing this configuration : Scorpion sii 4035_380kv 12*8 apc propeller 4 pack in series 3s 2200 mah lipo battery each = 12s Scorpion Tribunus 12-130A ESC I tested it more than 10 times with no problem but after that every time we hit 60% throttle or higher (more than 35 amps) the motor...
  4. Dr. Looping Looie

    mighy mini LOOPING LOUIE!

    Do you remember Looping Looie from your childhood? Is a game with a crazy pilot who is out of control ( That really souns like Flite Test:p) and you have to save your farm. So why not rebuild it as a FT mighty mini? Game ad: This box image looks just awesome!: It looks like a mashup of the...
  5. A

    Test Thread

    Hey guys, new here, leave a simple reply so I may test how things work before posting!
  6. Flyingninja

    eSport 2.0 Update

    Hi! I got up at 5:30 to test fly my new design... remember I wanted it to go fast.(bad idea) Here is the aftermath: On the first flight everything was OK. But it was fast...too fast. So I backed off the throttle and the plane did a high speed stall. :( I brought it down, moved my cg a little...
  7. Y

    Building challenge: who can build the fastest Quad

    They would have a build challenge with homemade frame and handpicked parts. They would then put A GPS module and record max horizontal speed and vertical speeds. I guess ideal size would be 200-400? What do you all think?:cool:
  8. B

    I want to show my thanks!

    Dear Flight test crew, You all have inspired me to get into this hobby, thank you so much! I just wanted to show my appreciation by possibly donating a plane (sort of) to the show. it is a vintage Kit that I stumbled upon at an auction. It has never been flown or assembled but has all the...
  9. L


    Hey Guys, So im not a builder by any means, but I had a really good idea (i think) tonight that i'd love to see some of you more experienced rc plane builders try or even make an episode about this. Using a 2 liter soda bottle as the fuselage, try making a plane out of a 2 liter. You could...
  10. 2

    HK450 setup / settings spectrum dx7

    How about a review on the KDS flymentor with the HK450 and maybe something about the setup / settings spectrum dx7, Regards Craig