I want to show my thanks!


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Dear Flight test crew,
You all have inspired me to get into this hobby, thank you so much! I just wanted to show my appreciation by possibly donating a plane (sort of) to the show. it is a vintage Kit that I stumbled upon at an auction. It has never been flown or assembled but has all the pieces, except for the engine because it didn't come with one, Its a gas plane and I don't have the ability to get the engine. I am just starting out and plan to get a Champ rtf for my first plane. thanks again.
Blaine, novice pilot


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You should keep the plane. You can make it an electric plane. Once you get confident with flying and after you build a few foam planes, you can build up the kit as a nice electric plane.


i LOVE vintage planes. Definitely keep it. When you build your skills, get it back to flying status. Like rcspaceflight said, consider converting it to electric.

The Champ is a great first plane. A Bixler is a great second plane.


I think the ft crew would agree, the best show of thanks would be to build and fly that plane with pride. Pass the hobby along to the next generation.


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thanks for the suggestion, that's a really good idea. I should have thought of it myself : ) I think I'll do that later. And I'll look into the bixler after I learn to fly. maybe I can post some videos on it (BlaineStudioProductionsInc. on youtube) thanks guys!
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