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throttle issues

  1. Darth Raijiin

    Help! Help Please

    Can anyone help me with a weird rx motor issue? It's for a flying wing, and i cant get the motor to engage with throttle input from my qx7, but, it will engage in an output test in iNAV. All the control surfaces work with input from the controller. it has me stumped. I am using a omnibus F4 V5...
  2. Skunkworkss

    First Post and greetings from Chicago

    I had to register to the forum because I've ran out of options. I picked up the tiny Trainer starter kit a while back and its been a blast. But, I've run into a problem today as I finished my Mini Arrow. My Graupner MZ-10 that comes with the kit is having peculiar throttle issues. As in having...