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HELP PLEASE! Im a newbie and am having throttle trouble

Hey everyone! I'm new to the hobby and just built my first quadcopter a few days ago. While I think I've fixed most of the problems I originally had, there's one problem in particular that I cant get down. Every time I raise the throttle, the quad understands and begins to go up. However, when I lower the throttle down, the quad doesn't recognize it and continues to go up on its own. I tested it out in betaflight and while in the receivers tab it shows my throttle going back down to 1000, but the motors still sound the same as it was maxed at 2000. I went into the motors tab and tested it using my transmitter and motors 2 and 3 will stay in the 1700-2000 range and won't go down when I lower throttle. Motors 1 and 4 stay at a lower throttle but I still won't have control of them. Could this be something in my configuration or PID settings? Maybe the firmware on the ESCs? Flight controller or motors? I've gone through so many youtube videos and a lot of them helped solve other problems but this one I just can't fix. I did notice one more thing although I don't know if it's related to the problem. When I go into the motors tab, the XYZ rates on the top right are high rates. From my understanding these rates are supposed to stay under 1%, mine are around the 2-3% range for all my motors AFTER arming. These are new motors straight from the vendor. They don't get hot to where I can't touch them either, so they seem fine to me but I don't know I am noob so I could be wrong. Anyways, I greatly appreciate the help, and thank you in advance! Happy Flying!

Heres a list of my components too just in case it helps:

Motors: Crazypony Emax Eco 2207 1700kv 3-6s
ESC: ICQUANZX 35A Opto Electronic speed controller 2-6s
Flight Controller/ PDB: Matek system F722-se F7 Gyro Flight Controller


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what flight mode are you in?
Does betaflight configurator show your quad in the correct orentation when you rotate it through all the various angles?

if betaflight is showing that the motors are being told to go max even after you slow back down, then the controller is making it do something, which is why I am thinking your board things 'up' in in a different direction then it actually is.
I have acro mode on all the time for training purposes but I just put it on recently and the quad had this problem before I enabled acro. I thought about my orientation too but after multiple tests, my quad is orientated right. When I tilt the quad forward, the 3D model in betaflight moves with it as well as when I move left and right. I also made sure to check where the arrow pointed to when i installed the flight controller and it's correct.


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Acro mode is not a mode, it’s all gyro OFF, most people learn in Horizon or Level mode where when you let go of the sticks the quad returns to level flight and has a built in bank angle limit.
Can we please have a full list of components? Or a link to the vendor listing? That way we can eliminate a few things. Also what version of Betaflight are you running?
So I played with some settings in Betaflight and was actually able to solve my problem. I disabled air mode and anti-gravity and tested it out this morning. Throttle works perfectly now and lowers when I tell it to. I have a feeling it was actually anit-gravity that was giving me this problem but i'm going to continue testing both settings out to see why because I know it's wise to have those both enabled. I also did enable horizon instead just to try it out and i liked it better than acro mode ( for now because im still learning) I appreciate all the help and thank you again!

Betaflight Configuration version 10.4.1
Just in case, heres my full list of components:

Motors: Crazypony Emax Eco 2207 1700kv 3-6s
ESC: ICQUANZX 35A Opto Electronic speed controller 2-6s
Flight Controller/ PDB: Matek system F722-se F7 Gyro Flight Controller
VTX : Iflight The Force 5.8g
Transmitter: FlySky FS-I6
Reciever: Flysky FS-IA6B
Camera: CaddX Kangaroo 1000TVL


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Although the name may imply it, anti-gravity is probably not the culprit here. It's function is to increase the I gain on large, rapid throttle changes. Air mode increases PIDs at low throttle, so if you're bouncing around it will not want to stop till you disarm. It will also amplify if your PID's are too high, which may be causing your troubles.