1. K

    Servos, bomb bays, and channel confusion!

    I'm considering building the baby blender. I have a hobby king radio (6 channels) (HobbyKing 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx & Rx V2 (Mode 2) to be precise) which I plan to use. However, I know that the baby blender is 4 channels, could I add a servo to the bottom to make a bomb bay? And if so, which channel to...
  2. R

    Does a DX4E and AR400 ALONE work with the Twin Engine planes AND power packs here?

    Does a DX4E and AR400 ALONE work with the Twin Engine planes AND power packs here? Just wondering, i might buy one :D
  3. G

    Spektrum DX6 review

    I have a new Spektrum DX6 which I got in November. I really love it, and haven't had any problems with it so far! I currently own two planes, a Parkzone Radian, and a Parkzone Sport Cub S2, and I fly both of them on my DX6 in DSMX mode. I highly recommend the new Spektrum DX6 if you are looking...
  4. G

    Spektrum vs. Futaba which is better?

    Hi everyone, in the Flite Test Mid-Air Package Exchange - Viewer Response episode, both David Windestål and Josh Bixler said that Futaba has the most solid 2.4GHz signal compared to Spektrum and all of the other brands, and I was wondering if that is still true?
  5. D

    Getting into the hobby -- need suggestions on a Tx with room to grow

    Hi, I'm planning on jumping into the hobby in the near future. I've never horsed around with R/C anything before (although I ran a Lionel O-scale setup with my dad when I was younger). I really enjoy scratch-building (I used to be an avid tabletop miniature gamer when I had more free time)...
  6. mindymoo

    Beginner Series - A Transmitter focused episode

    Hi guys, Just curious if there's going to be a Transmitter focused episode in the new "Beginner Series". I'm just curious, as I'm looking seriously at the "Bixler 2" and I'm not sure whether to go with the Mode 1 or Mode 2 Transmitter setup. That plus as I'm still a newbie to flying, it'd be...