Servos, bomb bays, and channel confusion!


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I'm considering building the baby blender. I have a hobby king radio (6 channels) (HobbyKing 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx & Rx V2 (Mode 2) to be precise) which I plan to use. However, I know that the baby blender is 4 channels, could I add a servo to the bottom to make a bomb bay? And if so, which channel to plug it into and would it even work at all? Thanks! :(


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Yes you can, and you plug it into whatever channel you want. I don't know that radio but I suspect it's just a simple radio that's not programmable at all, in which case each switch is probably tied to a specific channel. if you have one 3 position an one 2 position, switch, you'll then want to connect it to whatever channel the 2 position is(probably channel 6, since 5 is probably the 3 position mean for flaps)


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you have this radio I assume

Hopefully you also have one of these

If so you can programs channels 6 or 7 on one of the switches using the software that runs on you computer.

If you do not have that cable you may not be able to set it up.

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