1. D

    Trim Drone, roll issue?

    Hi everyone, I have problem with a drone that crashed every time ive tried to use it the last 1,5 years. This is Very disencuraging and after trying to google the solution it seems i cant figure it out so i come here searching for the collective visedom in this community. It seems to me the...
  2. K

    Quad Question: Constantly re-trimming the Transmitter with the Flight Contoller?

    Hey There! I've been building/flying quads for about 6 months now, but I haven't been able to find an answer about trimming. I'm using a KK2.1.5 board (old, I know) with a Spektrum DX6 (SPM6700). Every time I go out to fly, I have to go the the receiver test screen and re-trim (through...
  3. Hayduke27

    Storch turning HARD left

    Hi everyone, I just completed my Storch and took it out for a maiden attempt on Thanksgiving day. This is the biggest plane I have maidened, and it is my first 4 channel that does not include a gyro stabilizer. I have expo dialed in at 30% and dual rate is at 70%. I built it with flaps, and...
  4. jamieFL

    Taranis' Variable Proportional Elevator Trim (OpenTX)

    Taranis' Variable Proportional Elevator Trim (OpenTX) For those flying with the FrSky Taranis or the new Horus, I want to share a quick little function that will automatically adjust your elevator trim as the speed of your model changes. It should only take about 5 minutes to add to any of your...
  5. afdsadf

    Trim woes with spektrum dx6

    >be me >build a quadcopter >multiwii flip 1.5 >spektrum dx6 I got it to arm... once... :mad: Anybody else having similar issues?
  6. G

    Cross a BBv2 with a ugly stick =

    This is what you end up with when you cross an Ugly Stick with a Baby Blender. Curse you Red Baron[COLOR="#000000"], you'll never be able to out do this one. Need to add a bit of weight to the nose. The spokes in the wheels are actually toothpicks.
  7. T

    cg or trim issue...

    so.... Right now I'm 15 years old and a noob in this awesome hobby. I bought myself a hobbyzone champ because everybody tells it's a good beginner plane... Well, I soon found out that even what people call a beginner plane isn't even that easy to fly. I already have a great nano qx and know...
  8. U

    DX5e Trim Issue

    Hello all. I just got the Aprentice S 15e after owning the mini super cub and the parkzone um p-51d. The DX5e is however, my first full range digital tx. All has been well after recieving the RTF setup on friday. I flew it and it worked. Now, however, the radios trims do not function or even...
  9. K

    subtrim vs trim

    hey guys. got a question for you. hopefully i'm posting this in the right place. my buddy and i both set up new model linkages as close to perfect as possible but when they are just a touch off mechanically he always uses subtrim to fix it whereas i always just hit my trim tabs on my...