twin boom

  1. agupt108

    Twin motor rc plane with one motor?

    Is it possible to make a twin motor config rc plane with one motor, but two props? Like can that one motor spin two "wheels" like it is in rc car or will it not have enough thrust. I am thinking like a gear system or pulley belt? Any ideas would help a lot? Thank you!
  2. leaded50

    Plane Icarus Aerospace TAV -Wasp / Branta v.1

    Icarus Aerospace TAV -Wasp / Branta -close air support/ high attitude twin boom aircraft concept Canada. TAV = TACTICAL AIR VEHICLE heavily militarized variant called WASP,high-altitude platform known as Branta. wingspan : 1004 mm (as Wasp version - 2000mm as Branta version) length : 1177mm...
  3. duckduckgoose

    Can't trim out roll (sailplane) SOLVED

    TLDR: powered glider keeps rolling either way and can't be trimmed out BACKGROUND: Hi, been a long time since I've been in here but I have a rolling issue with my latest build, a twin boom sailplane. The plane has an upscaled tiny trainer wing (lengthened and flaps installed as well) and has a...
  4. ark

    Twin Boom Simple Stick Pusher

    Thanks for your help with my questions about using bevel cuts vs a/b folds (I'm now a huge fan of bevel cuts) and also about adding weight or making it longer to get the right CG (I had to make it really long!). I finished my Twin Boom Pusher based on the Hangar Simple Stick and maidened it...
  5. Spr0ck3t

    The Phat Slug - Twin Engined A-Tail R/C Plane with complete plans and detailed instructions!

    Hey folks! As I have promised a while ago, when I made a video (linked below) with the Phat Slug, here are the complete plans and detailed (almost 30 pages!) instructions: Even if you are not interested in the ugly plane itself, I strongly recommend...
  6. duckduckgoose

    Mini talon wing meets twin boom

    Not really a build thread as I didn't take any pictures. I just wanted to show someone before it self destructs. After crashing my xuav mini talon (definitely not a beginner plane as I discovered) I found Flite test. I haven't even looked at the Mini talon since, so I decided to pinch its wings...
  7. Aero_Knight

    FT Style Mini P-38/61 "Black Lightning"

    There is a post for future FT Plan Ideas and there was some discussion on the P-38 and I decided to jump in and do a design from scratch and it ended up being a bit more than what the original goal was. Thoughts, opinions, ideas are welcome while I finalize the design. Here is the result of a...
  8. JamesWhom

    Experimental Airlines style 80" FPV GoPro plane - BUILD

    As long as I have been flying and building RC planes, which isn't too long, I have always wanted to put a camera into the sky. Up until now I've been focusing on smaller projects, but now I think is the time, the time to go all out... and build an 80" wingspan beast of an aircraft. My design...