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Mini talon wing meets twin boom

Not really a build thread as I didn't take any pictures. I just wanted to show someone before it self destructs. After crashing my xuav mini talon (definitely not a beginner plane as I discovered) I found Flite test. I haven't even looked at the Mini talon since, so I decided to pinch its wings and put them on something that might fly better. I took inspiration from Andrew Newton @apnewton and his mini talon twin boom. This thing flies very smoothly.managed to get some serious altitude (by my standards) Only issue is what I thought was tail heaviness, but now I think it is a positive thrust angle as it only appears to happen when throttle is applied. Might point the motor down slightly and try again.
IMG_20190803_084601.jpg Screenshot_20190803-085206.png
After adjusting the thrust angle (to no effect) I think it's because the wing has a true airfoil shape and usually it doesn't sit flat on its bottom surface. Therefore I've basically given it a heap of upward incidence causing it to behave like a tail heavy plane, except without the uncontrollable craziness that accompanies the climb
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