twin motor

  1. D

    Cruiser Electronic Problems

    So, I 'm putting together a FT Cuiser, and it's my first attempt with a multi-motor electric. I'm up to the point of installing the ESC's and making sure the motors turn in the proper directions. I tried using a Spektrum DX7 transmitter with a Spektrum AR630 receiver. I bound the first ESC and...
  2. Sierahotel

    Lazair Electric Conversion Project

    Hi Gang. I'm needing to tap into this brain trust a bit, hoping you guys can help me out. I've built a few SeaDucks, and have a great feeling for how twin electric motor flight feels at that scale. Also I just purchased myself a Lazair series II ultralight this week, with the aim of...
  3. Mid7night

    Part 3D Printed Motor Mount Pod 1

    This is a motor mount & pod that I made for my highly modified FT Super Bee, because I wanted a stronger motor mount for my application, but it can be used anywhere similar motor mounts are found on FT planes. If using on the FT Super Bee, you will need to cut two additional slots in the...
  4. Jetcrafter_2000

    DC3/C47 2 meters / 6,5 foot twin electric plane

    Hi guys, im building a DC3 or a C47 out of Styrodur and the wingspan will be 2 meters or 6,5 foot. The motors will be 2 Jamara a2208/8 with 200W each. Just ask if you want to know more tecnical details. My goals are: 1. Make it fly 2. Drop parachutes 3. Do everything by myself 4. Brush up my...
  5. S

    power pack c (twin motor) battery

    I'm trying to figure out the best battery to use with the power pack c ( twin motor ). I'm interested in good flight times with higher speeds. I try to always get a little more bang for my planes by having a little extra power if necessary. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks for your time