DC3/C47 2 meters / 6,5 foot twin electric plane

Hi guys, im building a DC3 or a C47 out of Styrodur and
the wingspan will be 2 meters or 6,5 foot.
The motors will be 2 Jamara a2208/8 with 200W each.
Just ask if you want to know more tecnical details.

My goals are:
1. Make it fly
2. Drop parachutes
3. Do everything by myself
4. Brush up my english;)

So lets get startet:

The first step was to saw out the proiles of the main fuselage from a sheed plywood.
Then i pinned the profiles unto the Styrodur and sawed it out roughtly.
After that i shaped it into its final shape ans sanded the surface with a medium sandpaper.

At this Point i wanted to place a image but i don´t know how to do that:(
So please answer this if you know, how i can place an image and if you are interessted into my projekt.

Stay tuned for the continuation
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In the editing window there is a little picture of a tree (don't know why it's a tree, but it's a little green and brown tree in a black square) - that button will let you upload pictures into the post.

Because yes, we want to see pictures! :)
Thank you rockyboy, now i can continue my building report.


I sawed out the rought profile of the main body and took a rought rasp to shape the surface to its final shape.
A medium sandpaper was just ok to make the surace flat and smooth.
Then i hollowed out whole thing by using a 10mm or 0,4 inch drill and a saw.


And the same process from the outside for the inner side.


After i had all peaces made i glued them together with epoxy-glue.


While the epoxy dried i built the bombbay, which i´ll use to drop parachutes and things like this.
I built the doors for the bombbay out of balsa, a bit of carbon fiber and one servo, because i onely have 9 channels on my radio.
But i´ll say something to the channels in another post.



The gear of the DC3 is not the simplest one but i spend 5 days of work with my grandpa to build 2 of them.
And of course they are retractable.


Thank you for reading my terrible english;).
Stay tuned for the next post, which will be around the wings.
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The channels:

ch.1: aileron
ch.2: rudder
ch.3: pitch
ch.4: throttle
ch.5: aileron
ch.6: gear ( 2 servos )
ch.7: flaps ( 2 servos )
ch.8: bombbay doors ( 1 servo )
ch.9: bomb / parachute drop ( 1 servo )

Is it possible to plug 2 servos into one channel?

Please let me know if you have any tips for the wings or the servos.

Have a nice day!
Jetcrafter 2000
I didn´t know, that it is called y-harness, so thanks or that tip.

Today i primary wanted to build the wings but i bought 6mm or 0,2 inch thick Depron and that´s definitely to thick for bending.
Instead of the wings i build the heck section.


As you can see i sandwiched 2 6mm ( 0,2 inch ) sheeds of Depron.
Between the 2 sheeds i placed a 5 by 3mm ( 0.19 by 0,12 inch ) wodden bar.

I expect, thet the plane will weight 1.3 kg or 2,8 pounds if its finnished.
Which servos should i pick?
I am thinking about the HS 55 from Hitec, because its cheap, lightweight and it has a pulling load of 12 N/cm.

Thank you for your attention.


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Looks like a nice build but the motors you mentioned might be too small, I think you will need to use at least 10" props on that (my head isn't really working right now) so you will need a big motor to spin that prop, maybe some of the big cobra motors used on mini talons.
I know that the motors are pretty small, because i have one motor from an older plane.
thats also the reason why i´m building so light but i think i have to spend a bit more money into bigger motors.
Today i build the hindges into the rudders.


The hindges i´m using are Multiplex 702003 because they are stong and cheap.


I also rounded up the edges of the rudders, especially at the edges between the static and the movable part of the rudders.


Unfortuately a bit of the epoxy i used to glue the hindges went into the hindges of the rudder, but i know from my SF 260, that this isn´t a big problem.
You onely have to move the hinge from time to time and in the end it will let go a "krrks", it will only run a bit worse but not that mutch.


I fixed the rudders with a bar of wood to the hecksection.
Later i´ll glue them on with epoxy and skin everything with fibreglas.


At the rudder ( vertical ) it was a bit hard to set the hindges because of the ugly shape of rhe rudder.

The next post probably will be at Tuesday.
So stay tuned and stay healthy.
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Looking good! I would love to see some more pictures and information on the landing gear - those look very cool!

The weight of one landinggear is 80 granns or 0,18 pounds.
The weels are Graupner 80 x 35 mm or 3,35 x 1,38 inch with a axle of 5mm or 0,2 inch.



I nedded 2 hours to understand how the gear exactely works and how the proportions of the parts are.
Then my grandpa helped me verry much with the building.
The gear will be servodriven and for this i drilled a little hole into the upper section of the gear.


If i forgot some information please let me know it.

Special thanks to my grandpa, who helped me verry mutch.
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Looks great - and once those lock into the down position it should be solid! Thanks for the close up pictures!
Hi, unortunately i can not work so much under the week, but i do my best;-)
Today and yesterday i build a sanding block out of a peace of wood, dubleside tape and a sheed of sandpaper.
Its pretty heavy but it does its job pretty well.


Then i sanded the middle and heck section, so i´ll have to use as few filler as possible, because this stuff is so heavy.
Next i startet with the wingspars.
I build one with my new epoxy ane the other one with superglue, but i don´t really trust that kind of epoxy, its pretty fluid and i think, that it onely sucks into the depron.


Thats the one with superglue.


And thate the one with the epoxy.
I hope, that i´ll not glue it to the window sill.
Next to the wing spars i finished the heck section.
There are onely the servos missing :-(.


By the way i decided to not cover everything with fiberglas because its to heavy.
Thats the epoxy, which is to fluid or this application.


It may be good to laminate something with fibre glas or carbon but i can not recommend it for this work.
I used this epoxy before and i was really happy with it.


Thats it, i think that i have to do both spars again with the old epoxy, which was not so thin then the new epoxy.

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