twin prop

  1. T

    Micro Twin EPP foamy

    Hey all, I have the electronics from a Dart lying around (Micro pack H (twin)) and I was wanting to put it into a small EPP foam plane. Does anyone know any EPP planes that would fit the 1106 motors and 4 gram servos? preferably a twin as I like them. Cheers for the help and suggestions
  2. Andre

    Snow Bomber V2

    Winter is coming. Well not really but I will start gather the parts to get one of my projects from last winter reborn. Last year I had some success with this plane but the big props meant I had to build the motor mounts really tall. In the cold and with some hard landing I kept knocking them...
  3. Andre

    Twin Bomber Summer 2014

    Finally getting to work on this father son project. Last night we unfortunately saw the demise of the Twin Boomer Project. But do not despair the new bomber is already stealing parts from boomer. For those who recall. Last summer my son and I learned some very big lessons with our first...
  4. Andre

    FPV-2 Twin Boomer

    Trying something a little different. Twin prop FPV bird. Reused the wing from the prev single motor plane. Borrowed the motors off the 48 plane so I'll have to re-use the wing and match it up with the FPV-1 fuselage. 7x5 static rudders and 18x5 elevator (10x3 moveable area). Sub frame...