Snow Bomber V2


Fly yes... land no.
Winter is coming.

Well not really but I will start gather the parts to get one of my projects from last winter reborn.


Last year I had some success with this plane but the big props meant I had to build the motor mounts really tall.
In the cold and with some hard landing I kept knocking them off.


This year's plane will follow a similar spec for size so it fits in the trunk of the car but will use D2826-10 1400kv brushless motors (from the twin Spectre plane) this will allow me to run 7x5 props vs 9x6 and clear the snow a lot better.

Should be fun.


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I like it, reminds me of a flying barge. Must be the nose hah. Those smaller props will get you some extra speed to.


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I really like that inside the cockpit video view. Probably good for keeping the camera dry too.