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  1. JGplanes

    FT DHC-2 Beaver review and first impressions video

    I promised you guys, when this came out, I'd post a review on my YouTube channel. Well, it's out! And the verdict is... Since the video, I've had a chance to mess around with it a little more, and I finally found something minor to pick on. The foam landing gear legs, just behind where the...
  2. Joe Carpino

    Micro F-15 (FREE PLANS)

    I built this a little bit ago and thought I should put it on the forums. YOUTUBE VIDEO: I made a super micro F-15 that hits 40MPH! It runs on 2 1.7g servos, a 8.5x20mm coreless motor. The whole plane is powered on a 1s 200mah Lipo. I took a lot of time to improve on it and make plans. If...
  3. D

    Umx plane not work on jumper T16

    I’m having issues with using the JunperT16 pro with the BnF umx sports cub the video is exactly what I have plane and tx the module binds but no control they just go crazy and the jumper keeps saying telemetry lost telemetry recovered over and over. Funny thing is I came from Futaba 14SG and I...
  4. GeoffS

    Hobbyzone/E-Flite Champ S+ Propeller Adapter Wrench

    The Hobbyzone® Champ S+ is a great little plane, but the propeller-adapter is a well-known weak point. Removing and installing the adapter can be difficult because it is difficult to get a grip on the motor (recessed in the cowl). This wrench is designed to slip in behind the propeller spinner...
  5. M

    UMX Electronics Wanted

    I am looking for working UMX electronics including receivers, servos, and motors. Loose, or still in a plane. Brushless and brushed motors. I'm in Southern California. Flexible with shipping.
  6. Theuglycamel

    The Beater (just retired...)

    Hello everyone, I've been off the pages for a few days getting caught up with life. I did want to post a quick highlight on one of my favorite planes. I purchased two UMX Sport Cub Ss at the beginning of the year and successfully burned up one receiver already (was adapting some 280 mahs...
  7. F

    Help! 500mAh in a UMX

    I just got a eflight 500 mAh high current ultra micro battery for $2. How can I use that in my sport cub s?
  8. Wingman04

    UMX A-10 Launcher

    I have a UMX A-10 that is a blast to fly, but a pain in the butt the launch. Out of the six or so launches by my self, one was successful. I need another person with a strong arm to get me air-born. I was wondering if anyone has any basic idea of a bungee launcher that I could build. Thanks.
  9. W

    Questions on Broken Servos - UMX Radian

    So my umx radian just ate some turf (attempted inverted flight may or may not have been responsible for said turf-eating, but regardless...) and the only thing that seems to not be working after a full throttle nosedive is the servos on the motherboard. No input from the controller will move...
  10. Wingman04

    Help! UMX A-10 servo problem

    I have a UMX A-10 with an odd servo problem. When I move the rudder stick, about half of the time the servo will go in the desired direction but will stick for a bit, come back, and then will usually start jittering like crazy. I also noticed that the servo motor becomes EXTREMELY hot. Other...
  11. rossmoney

    Do I need some kind of adapter?

    Hey ya'll! Just bought a UMX timber and I'm having SO much fun with it! Just bought these batteries off amazon and found out pretty quickly that they're not the correct plug to plugin to my plane. I've done (what I feel like is) a ton of research to try and find a way to use these in my...
  12. F

    Viking Model 12 280 vs UMX Pitts

    Hello all, It may be strange to compare these two but I am able to choose between either. https://www.horizonhobby.com/product/airplanes/airplanes-14501--1/bind-n-fly/viking-model-12-280-bnf-efl6650...
  13. JimCR120

    UMX F4F Wildcat

    I just received a notice of the UMX F4F Wildcat from Horizon Hobby. Did they know I was planning a trip to the slightly distant hobby shop tomorrow? The real question is will I be able to resist buying... doubtful though I kinda wanted the BNF Apache. Both wouldn't fly well with my better half I...
  14. T

    Restoring a beat up UMX SBach342 3D

    Hey FliteTest folks, so this is my fist time contributing to the community instead of just silent reading, so tell me if I'm doing stuff wrong or so... I have picked up a pretty beat down UMX SBach on (german) ebay small ads, for only 35€ (~40$) but in a working and flyable condition. (Retails...
  15. Magilla

    EFlite UMX WhipIt: My entry into fixed wing flying...

    With a bit of experience with contra-rotating helis and an AR Parrot drone, I decided that I wanted to start flying fixed wing. Being in a remote town, with nothing in the way of local flying contacts, I figured that 2 channel flying is the way to start, so I bought a WhipIt. For those who...
  16. Andre

    Andre's FPV Vapor

    So I was at my local Hobby Shop looking for screws and well I sort of bought another plane. The FPV Vapor BNF without Headset (EFLU6680) from Horizon Hobbies. The model has been discontinued but the remaining stock is being offered at a nice discount. The camera alone is worth you snapping one...
  17. Spastickitten

    A place to put all of your diy micro (indoor size) quad things!

    I was thinking of making a micro indoor quad and just need a place for others to put their info! ^-^ Hobbykings new products made for micro quads Quanum Pico 32bit Brushed Flight Control board Quanum WISP 110 micro multirotor frame 60mm Propeller Quad Set (4 pcs) Mini Quad Brushed Motor...
  18. G

    Micro plane suggestions?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a micro plane that I can fly in my front yard as well as in a gym, with flight times greater than 10 min, that can handle wind well, and that isn't very fast. Thanks!
  19. S

    UMX ASK-21 Brick: What motor to use?

    I have the receiver brick from an E-flite UMX ASK-21 and want to utilize the ESC! I thought it would be a brushed ESC but it does not work to power a Champ motor. Has anyone had experience with this brick and could offer tips on how to proceed? Also looking for the amp rating of the esc...
  20. C

    Wha is the best setup for a umx radian and a dx6i

    Hi, I've just recently purchased a umx Radian and done the basic bind to the controller, no tweaking of the settings. It flys great and is really fun and I figure with a little tweaking it could be then more fun. So my question for all you expert and experienced flyers out there is what settings...