1. Scooter The White Rabbit

    Help! To Hoerner or Not to Hoerner?

    That is the question. Though looking at most Flite Test foamboard aircraft wing designs where the underside and wing spar do not reach the tip, is this not pretty much a Hoerner "Style" wingtip already? Case in point is the wings on the FT Guinea Pig. The front edge is curved with a sharp...
  2. B

    Hello!? ...semi-new to FT but new to the Forum.

    Hey guys, I just wanted to say hello and give a brief bio about myself. I love any type of rc machinery. I bought (AND still have) Real Flight G2 with the USB controller about 13-14 years ago. I love the idea of flight and dreamed of flying! Fast forward to 2014 my friend (Rick) bought the DJI...
  3. R

    best batteries for vortex 150

    I am getting a vortex 150. Does anyone have any suggestions for good 3 cell batteries to use with it? What is the battery that FT includes in the beginner package of this drone? Thanks.
  4. F

    Impossible to bind Vortex 150 with Taranis X9D Plus

    Hi Guys, I am very frustrated. I tried almost the solutions possible but is not possible to bind my brand new Vortex 150 with Taranis X9 Plus. I explain all test I did: 1) The model comes with receiver mode auto in OSD I'll saw continuously changing mode but without find the Taranis; 2) Tried to...
  5. Usafa93

    Vortex 150 Spectrum Setup

    I just got my Vortex 150 and cant wait to fly! I'm running a spectrum Rd and a DX9. I seem to remember a video fairly recently of Josh or TJ showing how the spectrum is set up: 150:150 on each servo and recommended expos. Anyone remember that or have a link? Thanks! Jay
  6. J

    blade vortex 250 pro

    I recently purchased a blade vortex 250 pro and a set of attitude v3. the 250 keeps a constant beep w 1 second intervals, and this is right out of the box, i have no video transmission and no bind option. the drone and gogles were working earlier but the black box was full and it wouldnt let me...
  7. Robbie

    Theoretical: Home built vortex frame

    Hey guys, I need a new cheap to mid-priced frame and i find the ZMR to be a little boring even though at the moment it is at the top of the list of contenders. Even though the alien looks insane inicial price estimates are upwards of $150 and we are not all made of money or team pilots...