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Theoretical: Home built vortex frame


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Hey guys,

I need a new cheap to mid-priced frame and i find the ZMR to be a little boring even though at the moment it is at the top of the list of contenders. Even though the alien looks insane inicial price estimates are upwards of $150 and we are not all made of money or team pilots.

Anyway i was browsing the web when i stubmbled accross spares for the Vortex frame. The vortex is a great frame but if you already have all the parts for a quad its a waste of money buying new ones in an all in one package like then vortex for $450.

So using:
Vortex Crash Kit 2 Carbon Fibre Parts
Vortex Power Distribution Board
Click to enlarge
Vortex Crash Kit 1 (Plastic)
Vortex Metal Arm Mount Upgrade Pack ImmersionRC

So my question is, could i build a working quad frame with this stuff?



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I think that will get you all of the frame parts. I think the challenge will be how to fit the electronics you need inside the frame.

It would definitely be an interesting project to see.