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wing design

  1. Scooter The White Rabbit

    Help! To Hoerner or Not to Hoerner?

    That is the question. Though looking at most Flite Test foamboard aircraft wing designs where the underside and wing spar do not reach the tip, is this not pretty much a Hoerner "Style" wingtip already? Case in point is the wings on the FT Guinea Pig. The front edge is curved with a sharp...
  2. ItMightFly

    Wing Joining

    Hello FliteTest community! I’m doing a father/son project with my dad. We are building a giant 10ft wingspan twin engine aircraft. I came up with the design in a couple of hours and built a 5ft wingspan single engine version as well as a 2.5 foot version as a twin. We decided to go twin for...
  3. T

    New here, newish to building, Surface RC veteran

    Grew up around airplanes, dad was AF utility pilot and used to own a Cherokee when I was a teen. Despite having quite a lot of flight/aeronautic knowledge I have already learned an amazing amount here and on a couple other forums. Building my first "foaldie" (my own term, lol) with the FT Mini...
  4. N

    wing dragon main wing replacment = Scratch build?

    Hi! New member here (long time Flite test viewer). I recently broke my wing dragon main wing and im now planning on making my own replacement. I really like the foam board scratch builds here on Flight test, so i bought some 3mm foam board. But now I cant really settle on a wing design. Im...