I am building a foam plane, and my wing is bigger than my foam board. How can I connect the 2 halves of my wing?


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this is my first plane build and I need help. I am building an oblique wing plane similar to the AD-1 plane. I need to know how I can connect the two parts of my wing together that will make the place where the 2 wing segments connect strong. How can I do this?


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if you watch some of the FT tutorials, you can see they join wing parts together regularly. You just need to but the parts together and glue. In some cases you would also want to extend some sort of structure/spar across the join to make sure it is strong enough to not break.

without some more specific details, it would be hard to tell you more exact steps.

that said - hopefully you mean first self designed plane, not first plane built/flown (you don't want to learn to fly with a plane you don't know can fly well - as you won't be able to tell if it is user error or the plane causing the crashes).