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New here, newish to building, Surface RC veteran

Grew up around airplanes, dad was AF utility pilot and used to own a Cherokee when I was a teen. Despite having quite a lot of flight/aeronautic knowledge I have already learned an amazing amount here and on a couple other forums. Building my first "foaldie" (my own term, lol) with the FT Mini Scout. I am curious if anyone here has taken these plans down to smaller scale. I played with building a mock of my PKZ um p51 wing out of 5mm Adams by trimming and sanding in the airfoil and it looks the business. Haven't flown it yet but I have a Night Vapor that lost a combat mission with a Yorkie that needs a new airframe for it's guts...
Seems like all I need is a bit of a "shell" for the foam as it's quite fragile without the paper. Minwax poly or the like? Any suggestions? Thanks and I look forward to learning more about this "now affordable enough for me" hobby. I always wanted to fly RC and now things are getting so cheap that I'm building quite a hangar very quickly!! lol


Welcome to the forum! I don't recall seeing any scaled down Scouts. Removing the paper does save a lot of weight, but also weakens construction as you pointed out. Perhaps if you get it light enough you won't have to worry about it as it won't be heavy enough to hurt itself in a crash.

I've done a lot of glassing with lightweight fiberglass cloth (0.56 oz/yd) and polycrylic. I suspect it is lighter than the foam with paper as long as you don't paint it. Than may be an option for you.


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Greetings torq,
Thak you for posting a bit about yourself. When you say foaldie, are you inferring a small horse (foal) or a wing lacking support (and folds) or something else? Where in the world are you located?

I'll be interested to know how that Mustang flies. Be sure to share that.

Welcome to the forum.