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    Massive Servo & Extension SALE!

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  2. A

    22 gauge wire for 30A ESCs?

    I have 30A ESCs and EMAX RS2205 motors - the motors come with 30 AWG wires and the ESCs have 18 AWG wire. I made a few mistakes getting things connected to the PDB - long story short I had to buy more wire and all I could find was 22 AWG wire. I know that too much amperage over wires that are...
  3. jaskoller

    Wire Type

    I used the typical stranded wire to wire one of my tricopters just like everyone else when I built it. This was my first tri. I'm now going back and cleaning up the build and I have a wire question for anyone with an opinion. I bought some of the appliance wire that is very stiff and bendable...
  4. S

    How do you connect 2 servo's for ailerons into 1 wire for the receiver?

    Hey everyone, I am picking my components for the FT 3Don hobbyking, and I have everything except something to connect the two different servo's in the wings together. I mean, there is only 1 port for ailerons on the receiver. How am I supposed to do this? You use a Y-harness for this right? I am...
  5. T

    I've got a serious issue

    I am building an rcexplorer v3 tricopter my motors are from ready to fly quads t-motor ms2212 the motor wires are breaking. two of the three motor wires have broken, one was deep inside the motor the break was in the winding's ends the other was right at the housings edge I don't know how to...
  6. A

    Old Fogey Kit Landing gear wire

    This can't be right. Wire for landing gear in an Old Fogey Speed build kit. Couldn't budge it by hand. I could barely bend this stuff even in a vice, had to use a hammer. Certainly couldn't get accurate dimensions. 0.12" or 3.2mm Any other recent kits include this wire?
  7. KingWookie

    Very easy way to straighten wire

    Hi Guys, Earlier this week I started a thread asking where i could buy music wire since my local hobby shop is now closed and no other place seems to sell the stuff. There did not seem to be any alternatives except to buy online which I do not like because you cant really get a good idea of the...
  8. sconner

    Cheap Server Extension Source

    So I was hunting around my workshop looking for wire to do a servo extension and I saw some Male-to-female jumpers I purchased for my electronics hobby. They work perfect! I have purchased these and they were shipped promptly and cheaply...
  9. DejaD

    1mm Music Wire

    As I prepare to build my first of the swappables, I started to gather everything I would need for the build. When it came to finding the 1mm wire for the servo linkages I hit a bit of a brickwall. I figured since it was referred to as "music wire" I would try the local music stores here in...
  10. F

    power pod wire

    What kind of wire and how thick of wire do you use for servo push rods and landing gear in powerpod/swapable fuselage