22 gauge wire for 30A ESCs?


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I have 30A ESCs and EMAX RS2205 motors - the motors come with 30 AWG wires and the ESCs have 18 AWG wire.

I made a few mistakes getting things connected to the PDB - long story short I had to buy more wire and all I could find was 22 AWG wire.

I know that too much amperage over wires that are too thin can cause them to heat up - but I'm confused by that because the motors themselves have such thin wire.

Am I okay soldering my ESCs to my PDB using 22 AWG wire??


I would say thats probably too thin a wire.

I wouldn't run more than 12A through 20AWG wire. So I certainly wouldn't run 22AWG. I run 16AWG from ESC to PDB on my Emax RS2205 + 30a build.