Old Fogey Kit Landing gear wire


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This can't be right. Wire for landing gear in an Old Fogey Speed build kit.
Couldn't budge it by hand. I could barely bend this stuff even in a vice, had to use a hammer. Certainly couldn't get accurate dimensions.

0.12" or 3.2mm

landing gear wire.jpg

Any other recent kits include this wire?


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The FT shop folks got back to me and explained that this wire is meant for the Kraken (coming soon) not the normal kits. Must have slipped into my kit by mistake. All good.


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I got the same wire; couldn't cut or bend it cleanly at all. I actually broke out the dremel and cut it to size...had to give up though, it got mangled in my attempts to keep it symmetrical.


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I was wondering about this as well. Ordered a few speed build kits to support the site and noticed they all have the super thick landing gear. Figured they must have gotten the wrong stuff ordered when I took a set of calipers to it.

I put it in a bench vise and was able to bend it by hand once it was held steady. Turned out ok. Should survive any impacts like the one that munched the FT22 nose.... ;)



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Here is what I typically use:

Standard (swappable) landing gear = 28 gage (.071"/1.8mm) or 30 gage (.080"/2.0mm) music wire.

Storch landing gear = 32 gage (.090"/2.3mm) music wire.

Push rods =18 gage (.040"/1.0mm) music wire.


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Soft wire will fold back, or shudder on landing. (Also, use a adjustable wrench as a means of bending wire.)


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What is the best source for music wire? I have not been able to find any 0.090" (2.3mm) locally.

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What is the best source for music wire? I have not been able to find any 0.090" (2.3mm) locally.

Try an Ace Hardware if you've got them there... Now: They're independently owned, so you may need to call around if there's more than one as not all stores carry the same inventories.

If they do carry it, they usually carry 3/32" music wire (which is ~0.090). They also carry the 1/8" diameter wire for the Kraken.

You'll likely need to actually go to the store as most haven't had a clue as to what I'm talking about when I've called them on the phone to ask....