1. L Edge

    *Unofficial * Readi-board Wonder ("Double Deuces")

    After having good luck using Readi-board to build 3 planes, decided to see if a SPONZ "wonder" could be adapted and fly as well as his. Redi-board is 30" x 20". So using my last version of Wonder that can slow fly, hover, and handle high gusty winds, decided to make one that uses 1 1/4...
  2. L Edge

    Exploring Readi Board for designing planes

    Running out of blue FFF, decided to see what you can adapt to make a flyable plane. The producer of the black foamboard is R L Adams in Michigan. 3 planes I am going to do are F-117, 3D acrobatic, and my version of the Sponz "Wonder". Chose black(inside is white) since I was designing a...
  3. FlyingTyger

    Foam Wonder "NOOB" Graphics 1.0

    Printable graphics for Sponz's Foam Wonder "NOOB" to match the prototype build. The graphic sheet includes the wing stripes, fin feathers, and tip plate graphics.
  4. L Edge

    Firebird--Allows you to fly in high and gusty winds

    As the winds get higher and more gusty, fewer fly. The 2 keys to this type of flying relies on the plane as well as the skill of the pilot. Looking at the plane, the more stable it is, the higher the winds and turbulence it can handle. So looking at the design of the bird, I chose to explore...
  5. SP0NZ

    Part Foam Wonder Battery Tray 1.0

    Foam Wonder Battery Tray STL Designed By: Dan Sponholz 3D printed battery tray designed specifically for my balsa to foam conversion of the Foam Wonder. This battery tray is optional and gets glued directly to the foam battery tray in the model. The slots are provided for attaching optional...