*Unofficial * Readi-board Wonder ("Double Deuces")

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After having good luck using Readi-board to build 3 planes, decided to see if a SPONZ "wonder" could be adapted and fly as well as his.

Redi-board is 30" x 20". So using my last version of Wonder that can slow fly, hover, and handle high gusty winds,

decided to make one that uses 1 1/4 sheets!!!! That's about $1.50.

So it will be off-scaled and performance is what I am after. I am looking it to be light, handle slow and fast speeds, be acrobatic, land in crosswinds, and most of all, handle nasty winds like my other.

one sheet.jpg

So wing size is 30" long by 10 and 1/2"wide. The back section is 8" wide and depth is 9 1/2". This is the underside and used a pen for the centerline. Should use tape to put it together on front side and then open and fill with hot glue and lay flat till it's cool. Wipe off excessive glue.


I am using endplates on wing and elevons, So you can see above is a cut out one wing endplate and papered the design of others to show I now have used a dollar sheet and the only thing I need is narrow strips to make the fuse.

With the fuse going down the center and 2" wide, the tail section will be strong enough with endplates. The endplates on the wing will reduce twisting and to reduce bending, I am going to use carbon fiber strip that is glued on to the underside. See pic 1.

All one needs is to first draw your line with a pen where your placing your carbon strip. Next, take hot glue gun and run a bead on the pen line. Now apply the flat carbon rod to the foam and I press a 24" metal ruler over it and let it cool. To insure a good bond, I use my Monokote iron (temp is 280 F) and iron back and forth where the glue is re-melted to the foam paper. Press the ruler firm and you will have to use quite a force to ever get it apart. This has been tested on 2 other redi-foam planes..

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Next item to do is cutting out and taping the control surfaces.


For the ailerons, the width is 2" and the length from the outside edge is 10 and 3/4" which leave a gap so it doesn't interfere with the end plate.

For the elevator, the full width of 8" is used and the depth is 1and 3/4". Storage tape was used all the way across on top and turned over and again joined on the underside. This method has never failed on me and still functions years later for some of my planes are better than 10 years old.

If you look at the elevator, there is a center cut so that I can set up 2 sets of elevons. So that will require 4 servos where two are under the wing and 2 will be in the fuse. This will increase the acrobatic capability of the Wonder. Using the DX9, I just set up 2 right elevons and 2 left elevons so you need a 6 channel Rx.

The end plates.


Use the same design as Firebird (hand sketched it) for the small set to be 10 and 1/2" wide located 3/4" from the bottom attached to the wing.
The large set is 9 and 1/2'' width set at about 1 and 1/2" from bottom.

Next is to cut out the fuse and then glue it.

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Trying to find an easy way to glue the side fuses, so I decided to install three short cross pieces(glued) so when the hot glue is put on the bottom of the side plate, all you need to do is guide and drop the fuse against it and make sure it is 90 degrees vertical. I used the high temp glue gun so it was still soft after running the bead on 18" long section.


After hot gluing both sides, added control horns for both sets of elevons.


Next, I will install the servos and install the endplates.

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This is what it looks like when put together.


At this point, left off my Stabilizer to see how it reacts. Still did my dual elevons set and added "MY UDDER RUDDER" so it can handle cross wind landings as well as Can it hover? like my other. Looking to see if this ReadiBoard version can handle the high winds with the Stabilizer.
Video will follow.

Man, that is one ugly plane and will probably disappear in the sky if you vary your concentration. Only 5 1/2 sheets left.

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First of all, I named my wonder plane "Double Deuces" based on the fact that I have 2 sets of doubles.

The first is the set of double end plates on the plane as well as two sets of elevons(one set on the wing and the other set on the elevator that even allows the plane to hover having the "Udder rudder".

5 flights were taken without the Stabilizer and 5 with the Stabilizer. Immediately with the Stabilizer, the CG needed to be moved forward to account for what it does. By the way, I now have a copywrite of my Stabilizer" design since it works in 2 different materials of foam(FanFolded blue as well as Adam's Redi-board foam). You only need to buy 2 sheets(not black, or you loose it) if you have all other electronic equipment.

Need to test it now in high winds to see what happens. I feel very positive that it will handle high and gusty winds like the blue one.

The first video is without the "stab" and the second is with.

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