Exploring Readi Board for designing planes

L Edge

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Running out of blue FFF, decided to see what you can adapt to make a flyable plane. The producer of the black foamboard is R L Adams in Michigan. 3 planes I am going to do are F-117, 3D acrobatic, and my version of the Sponz "Wonder".

Chose black(inside is white) since I was designing a F-117. Used a heavy duty glue gun for seams etc., and explored landing gear to see if it stands up to those forces. Have not flown it yet, will give report when I find field to launch my design.


The second plane is a 3D acrobatic plane that will hover, fly inverted, and do knife edges. I'll see if it stands up to the Dollar Store foam. Had to change some dimensions to fit the sheet(20 x 30"). Just used a little over 1 sheet to shape fuse, wing, and tail feathers.


Wing is simple to cut and add aileron hinges. Used packing tape (top, bottom).


Cut out fuse so wing and tail feathers can be inserted. Rudder was cut and used tape to mount on both sides. Notice rudder is shorter in height so when you flare, rudder will not tear off, ground will hit fuse.


Tail feathers were cut, taped and designed to slide inside the fuse as one piece. The two other pieces join the wings leading edge and motor mount to give strength and rigidity to the plane.

In a 3D plane, it must be light, be rigid, and must be glued together so in all three axis the dimensions are the same or close too it. I spent more time getting the fuse and wing and tail feathers perpendicular and also equal distance from wingtips to elevator tips. This is the critical part, if you are sloppy, it will increase the pilot work to correct errors.

Enough for today.