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    Need Help! - Major struggle with Frsky Radio and Receiver connections

    So I know how annoying the Frsky binding process can be. I got into the hobby around 2 years ago and waded through it without much outside help. Recently though i got some friends into the hobby and i have been helping them so they don't have to go through some of the challenging parts on their...
  2. D

    X8R Antenna Modification Help

    I recently built the UAVFutures $99 dollar quad. I am using an X8R receiver, but it is annoying that the antennas don't fit through any of the small holes on the frame. There is a black rectangle on the tip of each antenna, but I don't know what they are. Could I desolder them so I have a more...
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    First Build Help -Tricopter

    I cannot seem to bind my Taranis to my receiver. I've detailed what I'm doing in the videos below. Hopefully someone can help me out here, as I have no idea... https://youtu.be/nFlZNiAYh7A https://youtu.be/6gFx_DZS2zs
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    How to replace a broken receiver antenna wire?

    I have completely snapped off (and lost) one of the receiver antennas from my FrSky X8R receiver. How would I go about replacing the wire? I know this particular model has plastic things on the ends of the antennae (which get in the way and help to snap off the wire in case of a crash...