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How to replace a broken receiver antenna wire?

I have completely snapped off (and lost) one of the receiver antennas from my FrSky X8R receiver. How would I go about replacing the wire? I know this particular model has plastic things on the ends of the antennae (which get in the way and help to snap off the wire in case of a crash landing!!!) I have Googled but can't find anything of relevance on replacing the wire?

I believe length of wire or unshielded portion of the wire is important? 31mm for 2.4Ghz?

I also expect I will need to replace the other antenna wire to match?

If it is possible, what type of wire would I need to look for? Does diameter matter? I can solder, so fixing it back on shouldn't be a problem.


Update: Have just seen these on the Hobbyking site... would I just chop the ends of and solder on? the current remaining antenna is approx 14cm from tip to the pcb connection.
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I would use the FrSky Receiver antenna you found at HobbyKing. Once you open up the receiver, you may be lucky to find the connector on that antenna inside (they appear to be interchangeable or at least they are on the X6R). If not, cut off the connector and solder it to the receiver exposing as little of the inner conductor as possible.

If you do not use the FrSky Receiver antenna you found at HobbyKing, you want to use some form of coax cable (same type of cable you would use for WiFi which I think is 50 ohm but I cannot be sure about that). Size should not matter but impedance definitely does (pick the wrong impedance and you will loose range). On the end you want to be your antenna, expose 31.25mm of the inner conductor (be as precise as possible as this will effect range). The shielded portion can be as long as you want but you do want the exposed part at least 3 inches from your other antenna (you could use a single conductor wire of 31.25mm long but that makes getting it 3 inches from the other antenna difficult).
Thanks bitogre, great reply. Unfortunately it doesn't have the connector (I think the new version does) so I'll have to solder it.

Thanks, I'll order them tonight.
Hi, that was rude of me not to post the outcome! Unfortunately, no it didn't work. I must have ripped off one of the PCB traces or something. It's toast. I bought a new one instead: FrSky V8FR-II 2.4Ghz 8CH Receiver (HV) and on the first flight hit another tree (the only tree in the field I was flying in! Shows my level of proficiency!), it flew off and landed in long grass and I never found it... so had to buy yet another!