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    FrSky XM+ red light changing brightness meaning

    Hi there I'm currently building an autonomous plane on the bases of an Arduino. As the Arduino isn't capable of starting and landing on its own I'm doing that for it. This is why the plane has a FrSky XM+ receiver. Until last week it worked fine and the Arduino was able to read the Sensor. This...
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    All kinds of Babyhawk issues

    After lots of troubleshooting in Betaflight and re-flashing of firmware I finally got my Babyhawk flying but have run into new issue(s). It flies for about 30-40 seconds on a fully charged 2S 300mAh battery then drops out of the air. The battery still has plenty of juice. I can re-arm and fly...
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    Taranis Q X7 not showing rates in cleanflight

    I'm a bit of a newbie and i'm having some issues with my taranis i recently picked up. It works perfectly in simulators, its bound correctly to a frsky xm+(atleast the steady green light is showing), but rates are not shown in cleanflight. In cleanflight i've set Reciver to serial-based reciver...