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FrSky XM+ red light changing brightness meaning

Hi there

I'm currently building an autonomous plane on the bases of an Arduino. As the Arduino isn't capable of starting and landing on its own I'm doing that for it. This is why the plane has a FrSky XM+ receiver. Until last week it worked fine and the Arduino was able to read the Sensor. This Monday I took the pin headers of the Arduino Mega to be able to store it inside one of the corners of the FT spear which I'm using as the flight platform. After removing the Headers the receiver started to behave weirdly. It refused to connect to the transmitter and its red light pulsed. (By pulsing I mean the red led changes its brightness from "normal brightness" to a lower brightness and back.)
I tried different distances to the receiver, flashing the firmware, and powering it instead of with the 5V of the ESC but with my lab bench power supply.
Also, rebinding doesn't seem working.
I tried both with power from the ESC and the lab bench power supply.
When rebinding the red light keeps pulsing and the green light blinks. But it doesn't go up to the "normal brightness" but instead only up to the lower brightness of the lower brightness.

Here is a Video of the red light pulsing when the XM+ isn't in binding mode:

thanks for the help