Taranis Q X7 not showing rates in cleanflight


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I'm a bit of a newbie and i'm having some issues with my taranis i recently picked up. It works perfectly in simulators, its bound correctly to a frsky xm+(atleast the steady green light is showing), but rates are not shown in cleanflight.
In cleanflight i've set Reciver to serial-based reciver, and set serial reciever provider to sbus.
Feeling kinda lost since i can't seem to find any solutions, so any suggestions would be greatly appriciated:)

Drone is a Eachine wizard x220
fc: sp racing mof3 v1
Reciver: Frsky xm+
Transmitter: Frsky Taranis Q X7


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What do you mean by "rates?" Are you trying to set different rate profiles on a switch on the QX7? Or are the Channel signals not showing up in cleanflight?


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I got it sorted, silly me thought i could use the plug from the original flysky connection with no fuzz. Fixed it by soldering connectors to uart3. Even had my first flight, in snowy weather!