1.2ghz video system issues (plz help meeee)

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Hi, I know theres some smart folks around here so I think ill add my cry for help and see what happens.

I used to fly 1.2ghz FPV with a standard dx6i a few years back but got out of FPV for a while. I've recently gotten back into FPV flying and I'm trying for some longer range, trying to get back into 1.2gz. Ive got a setup that by all my reasonings should give me crystal clear video without issues- yet I am having issues. I believe the eZUHF I am using for control is interfering with my video because I'm having lots of random static and white-outs while flying. My video signal is great when i'm closer than about 100 yards but outside that It just has this intermittent static. I've never gone down because of it but I know it's not what it should be. Ill make a list of possible issues and if anyone has had these problems or thinks they know what the issue is please fire away! I'd love to hear from you.

THEORY #1 : 1.2 being very close to the third harmonic of 433mhz I'm wondering if the ezuhf is causing occaisional signal problems for the VRX.
POSSIBLE SOLUTION: https://www.readymaderc.com/products/details/low-pass-filter-for-433mhz-sma-antennas This filter from rmrc is EXTREMELY pricey but I'm willing to bite the bullet if it will fix the problem. Just wanna hopefull get some input here that will help me narrow it down.

THEORY# 2 : I've read that you should be at least 5 feet away from your ground station when using EZUHF so maybe that's the problem? I don't have a very long video cable coming out of my ground station so I can only get my TX about 3 feet from the ground station. If this is the problem then I guess a long video cable to go from my fatsharks to the GS will fix it. Any thoughts? This is probably the cheapest fix. I've ordered a 25 mw FPV tx to use as a repeater between my GS and FS goggles which will allow me to get more distance between me and the GS. So if this works I guess I'll figure it out in.. three years or something because the shipping from china or whatever is moving at glacial speed.

THEORY #3 : Im getting electromagnetic interference into my video system from some part of the plane or from my ezuhf rx. This one is where I'm pretty flummoxed. I've read about using ferrite/torroid to reduce EMI in a system but I really don't know a ton about EMI and what not so I don't know where to strategically place this stuff. I've also thought of running my FPV system off a seperate battery than my RC electronics but not sure if that would help. I read that wires leading to and from the VTX and battery can pick up the interference like an antenna. Not really sure how to combat that.

THEORY #4 : The eZUHF control box is not well shielded and is radiating interference into my ground station. Not sure how this really works or how to stop it. I just read that it could be a thing.

SO theres my problem and theories. Hope somebody finds this who can help, and if the post can help somebody else then yay. Thank you in advance for anybodies help.


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Did you by chance change radios to 2.4ghz? If you were flying old FM radios and changed to 2.4ghz Id bet that is where your issues are.

If not Id look more to antennas and to cabling to start. I know the tiny jacks they use in the FPV gear are crap add on top of that the mass produced factor style assembly and quality control falls a bit short. The jacks on my original Skyzone goggles finally gave up the ghost where I could not repair or revive them. They went bad quickly once initial issues like more static and total signal loss began happening. after reading up about replacement jacks I found they all have very short plug / unplug cycle counts.

If you are worried about cabling I would suggest if you are handy with a soldering iron that you go to a music store and buy an XLR mic cable and cut the ends off that to make your own. The shielding in those is pretty significant and the prices aren't to crazy compared to the crappy cabled used in the hobby today. Fast way to get good strong cabling that is well shielded at less then half what it would cost of standard extension cables the same length.

You shouldn't need anything at all between the ground station and yourself to act as a repeater and putting a transmitter in line with your goggles and ground station is a really bad idea I think.. unless you are doing it like a wireless type set up which again would not net the results you are looking for I do not believe.

Finally as a tip from the nanny squad... If you are in the US read up on all the laws and changes governing the hobby as long range is pretty much illegal everywhere and comes with some hefty fines if they decide to prosecute before you spend a ton of money troubleshooting or replacing along range system.


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An easy way to test #2, fly the plane line of sight, away from the ground station and record the video or let some one else watch live to see if the static goes away.

I know nothing about 1.2ghz equipment. Is it possible that the vTx and vRx are not on the same channel, rather they are on adjacent channels?