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130% twin sparrow


New member
So my 9th build from FT plans and my first attempt at an alteration to the plans. I took the twin sparrow/dragon plans to 130%, and gave it ailerons. I am calling it the Parrot!
Just finished the maiden on an 850 3s and I can't believe how amazing it flies!! I used all 9g servos, cheapest I could find on Amazon, and 2 2205 size 2300kv motors and 6x4 props counter rotating. It has ailerons, V-tail mix and differential thrust, and is an absolute blast to fly!
Only thing I would change if I was to build it again would be to move the nacelles each outboard about 1/2" as the props are only about 1/4" from contacting the fuse.
Hand launch is a breeze at about 70% power it just lifts right out of your hand!
Also attached is my collection with a badly crashed mighty mini corsair!