2 simple things


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SO I have a 2 cell 7.4 v 25c lipo and are trying to run a power pack A twin. ONly one motor will spin at full. So I'm guessing I need a bigger 3 cell. So am I right? Let me know. The second thing is could I use a ccw prop somehow to make it work on a cw motor. That's all I want to know. Thanks. V3 out


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Are you using a y splitter for the throttle signal from the receiver (1 port for 2 escs), or do you have them each in their own receiver channel (allowing differential thrust)?
If you have Differential thrust set up, you probably need to trim the rudder/yaw.

If you are using a single throttle channel, the escs probably need to be calibrated. I always do it incorrectly, so here is the info to calibrate escs-forum calibrate escs . Post #5 has info.

Also, what mah battery are you using, because c rating has no meaning in terms of max current draw without a battery capacity.

C rating x (mah/1000) = max current draw in Amps


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When you test the twin motors did you have props on or off? I would test again with props off. If one motor is still not getting to full speed then I would suspect that the esc needs to be calibrated. If they both spin up 100% with no prop and you still see the problem with the props on check your prop installation.

Yes you can run CW prop on a CCW motor - use a little blue Loctite on the nut